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Mirrors Decorated wall mirrors

"Whimsical Beauty from Recycled Paper: Unveiling the Art of Mirrors Decorated"

       I am truly passionate about the art of recycled paper, and it feels like this passion has been ingrained in me even before I came into existence. Since I was a child, I have had a natural inclination towards transforming paper-based products into captivating works of art. It all began with the cardboard sheet inserts that came with my father's boxed dry-cleaned shirts.


       Driven by my methodical nature, I have honed my skills in creating intricate pieces using molds I crafted myself. With meticulous precision, I incorporate beautifully cut shapes through the technique of decoupage, resulting in a sustainable process that aligns with my values. What sets my work apart is the infusion of whimsical and intimate details, making each piece truly unique.


       At the heart of Mirrors Decorated lies the transformative power of remaking. I believe in recycling discarded materials, breathing new life into them and giving them a purpose once again. My ultimate goal is to utilize my artistic genius to produce extraordinary and visually stunning artworks. These are works that evoke a sense of wonder and joy in those who encounter them.


       Through my creations, I aspire to inspire others to recognize the potential within themselves and their possessions. By showcasing what can be achieved with what they already have, I hope to ignite a spark of creativity and encourage others to explore their own artistic endeavors. Discover the magic of recycled paper art and unlock the limitless possibilities it holds.

My Sustainability Statement

My papier-mache is made of office paper, newspaper, egg cartons and paper grocery bags.

I recycled every ounce of water I use during the pulp making process.

Most of the colored paper is sourced from an environmental responsible company's where the products are FSC -certified. 

mirrors decorated, recycled paper, pulp, papier mache wall mirrors
recycled paper mirrors decorated sustainable
Tuesday Winslow Wall Mirrors
Green America mirrors decorated sustainable Certificate 2022_edited.jpg

12276 Wilkins Avenue

Studio 117

Rockville MD

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