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      I believe my passion for the art of recycled paper began before I was in her mother’s womb. As a child, I developed an organic interest in taking paper-based products and creating playful works of art . It started with cardboard sheet inserts from my fathers' boxed dry-cleaned shirts.


Methodical by nature, I have develop the work from originally created molds and decoupage the work with precision cut shapes.  – which culminates in a sustainable methods. The work is permeated with whimsical, intimate details.  

    Central to Mirrors Decorated is the process of remaking.  Recycling discarded to be remade into something new. 

     My purpose is to use my artistic genius to create new, extraordinary and beautiful works of art. Works that bring wonder and joy.

     Works that inspire others to seek what they can achieve with what they already possess.

     Shown to left: "Petals, Yellow Pages w/accent. "Yellow Pages" paper telephone directory with of shades yellow paper.

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