My name is Tuesday Winslow born in Washington, DC.
     I believe my passion for paper began before I was in my mother's womb, specifically recycled paper. It started with the cardboard sheets from my father's dry cleaned shirts when men's dress shirts were folded and boxed. Ironically, my first artistic medium was received from a father who told me I would never make it as an artist. 
    I never imagined that the recycling process & theme would play such an intimate part in my life: from being discarded or disregarded emotionally to being Redeemed by a Savior who said, though your father & mother forsake you, I will always care for you to being Remade into something new. 
    The work is a culmination of my experience, and questions asked and questions not yet asked. The papier-mache has become my canvas.
   While exploring the possibilities of creating art out of discarded paper, it taught me the value of and challenged me to do more with less. At the time, I was creatively rich but cash poor. In retrospect, I suspect this applies to all of us - an exhaustible supply of creativity just waiting to be discovered or even rediscovered. What we need is already available to us spiritually, soulishly & physically.
    I want to emphasize the "Remaking" is a process, the learning to unlearn what others (family, friends & the World) have deposited in my soul things that do not line-up with the plans that God has for me. I, too, would like to emphasize I accept the choices I have made good, bad, and indifferent, whether out of ignorance or defiance. It's all been a part of my story and nothing has gone to waste.
    The use of mirrors was a way to make the artwork utilitarian useful beauty. What do you see? If you don't like what you see, you can choose something different, with more than a little help from a Friend.
                         You Can See All Things Becoming New?
Made in USA


Recycled Reclaimed for Artwork, Home Decor
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