"Mirrors Decorated" presents, a collection of delightful, handcrafted papier-mâché mirrors. Tuesday Winslow, Washington, D.C. artist first developed the work in 1995. Simple designs with exciting palettes of intense colors using plain & patterned colored paper. Respectful of the environment, the papier-mâché is made from recycled newspaper. Other sustainable elements used to decoupage the framed mirrors include international stamps and telephone directories. The active colors stir the imagination and bring energy into any room. The decorative wall decor is created blending the contemporary with the ancient technique of papier-mâché. The work is inspired by the Mayan culture. Made in America. Made Locally. Artist signed.

Crimson "Petals" $127.00
"Sun" Ornament $25.00 "Zula" Ornament $27.00